A New Kind of Zeal 3: The Crux of Salvation


This is for anyone who wants to explore the third novel of my trilogy, A New Kind of Zeal: The Crux of Salvation. In this novel, I’ve tried to give a kiwi translation for my Christian perspective on the end of the World and the second coming of Christ.

I think you’ll find it interesting, and I’m keen to read your thoughts! Leave a comment below, and visit the page here!

A New Kind of Zeal 3: The Crux of Salvation

What is humanity?

Sometimes we lift others up; sometimes we pull them down.
Sometimes we understand: sometimes we don’t see the limitations of our own understanding.
Sometimes we show kindness; sometimes we show self-defence.
Sometimes we assert; sometimes we block – and sometimes we just don’t give a toss.

There is a time to love, and a time to hate: but sometimes we hate all too easily.

What is humanity, but dust in the wind?
Sometimes we are but dust, blown in the wind:
Blown by the forces of our own vulnerabilities.
Yet what a profound chemisty takes place, when dust is raised by Light…
When the inanimate is infused with life.

There is a time to love…even a time to love our enemy.
There is a time to hate…even a time to hate our own weaknesses.
There is a time to fall…
And then there is a time to get back up again.

What is dust, but potential?
What is death, but a chance for a greater life?