A New Kind of Zeal

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Tristan Blake wants to get away from it all, after retiring from Peace-keeping army duty in the Middle East. But Joshua Davidson, a stranger from Kaitaia, is confronting the demons of Tristan’s past, and challenging the very security of their nation.

See a futuristic New Zealand. Politics and spirituality collide in an unprecedented personal, national and international climax.

***** ‘This book gripped me from the get-go with its tight prose, courageous story and mythic themes.’ John Ling, author of Fallen Angel.

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On a hot, humid day, Tristan Blake is sweating it out trying to hitch a ride past Kerikeri, up north. It is summer in New Zealand, 2030: the temperature is rising, and Tristan is looking to get away from it all, after retiring from Peace-making army duty in the Middle East.

An old red Holden Ute pulls up on the side of the road, with fishing lines strapped in the back. Tristan goes to the driver’s window, and a Maori priest, Rau Petera, invites him on a ride to Ninety Mile Beach.

Keen to fish, Tristan agrees: but there on the expansive sand, trying to escape the rising tide, Rau and Tristan stumble across Joshua Davidson from Kaitaia. Rau follows Joshua back into the rising sea, and Joshua catches him a record snapper, with no bait.

Now Rau and Tristan find themselves driving Joshua on a once-in-a-lifetime road-trip down the centre of the North Island, toward the Beehive in Wellington. Joshua is reminding Rau of someone: he is finding a new kind of faith. But Tristan is being thrown into increasing confusion and dismay, when he finally realizes what he must do to end the growing threat of Joshua.

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*****  A great read for anyone looking for a hero that doesn’t win by brute force or perfect features. ‘I love this book. A fresh look at a story that we know so well. It retells the story of Jesus like a parable, so you get to gently absorb the message without feeling preached at or forced to believe anything. The NZ setting will appeal to locals and visitors alike, this with the near-future timeline makes it easy to engage with the characters in a new contemporary way, bringing an emotional response closer to that of the first witnesses of this story.’ Simon Forrest

***** Inventive. Inspiring. Surprising. This book gripped me from the get-go with its tight prose, courageous story and mythic themes. Michelle Warren has updated the Jesus story for the 21st century and transplanted it to New Zealand.

It’s an inspired choice!

Warren has written a full-blooded epic with appealing Kiwi characters and a plot that’s never been more relevant today. It’s a fantastic mix of geopolitics and socioeconomic drama, all underpinned by classic biblical themes.

Tristan, Rau and Joshua are more than just literary archetypes here. They are well-rounded characters, and you can’t help but get sucked into their individual conflicts.

If you’re looking for a contemporary story about faith, hope and redemption, A NEW KIND OF ZEAL might just be the ticket for you. It’s the best kind of speculative fiction — always bold, always propulsive.

This is the first in an exhilarating trilogy, and I’ll certainly be reading more! A++  John Ling

**** The Kiwi Jesus! OMG! ‘A good yarn and a different take on a timeless story with a Kiwi tinge. At times, powerful…’ Neil Coleman

**** Looking forward to the next…. I started off a bit cautiously in view of the subject matter but found the book interesting and very absorbing. The storyline and characters held my attention throughout . Plenty of hooks to keep that attention from waning. Usually a very slow reader but had this one nailed pretty quickly. Colin Knowles

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